Gotham City revelations spark outcry in Angola

2 September 2020

The revelation of the sequestration of 900 million dollars belonging to businessman Carlos Manuel de São Vicente by the Office of the Attorney General of… Lire la suite

Angolan funds: the Office of the Attorney General of Geneva blocks $900 million

26 August 2020

The Office of the Attorney General of Geneva has indicted an influential businessman close to Angolan political circles, Carlos Manuel de São Vicente, for money… Lire la suite

Accused in Switzerland, Geneva manager is released in Spain in Gürtel case

12 March 2020

Arturo Fasana, one of the directors of Rhône Gestion, is under investigation in Geneva for his involvement in the concealment in Switzerland of funds of… Lire la suite

Bankruptcy in Argentina: Glencore’s role questioned by Credit Agricole and Natixis

5 March 2020

This is the biggest bankruptcy of an Argentine company since the economic crisis of 2001. Soy giant Vicentin abruptly declared, in December 2019, that it… Lire la suite

Olive oil moguls convicted of fraud had hidden Swiss accounts

27 February 2020

The sauce has turned. Jesús and Jaime Salazar, the former directors of Spanish olive oil giant SOS Cuétara, embezzled more than 200 million euros and… Lire la suite

PDVSA: Liechtenstein investigates Matthias Krull for money laundering

19 February 2020

The Liechtenstein public prosecutor’s office has opened a criminal investigation against Matthias Krull, Julius Bär’s former banker who was previously sentenced to ten years in prison… Lire la suite

Lava Jato, PDVSA: The latest decisions of the Swiss courts

19 February 2020

The Odebrecht case and its ramifications around the world are reaching the Swiss justice system. The Federal Criminal Court and the Federal Supreme Court have recently taken… Lire la suite

Bordeaux Winegrower kept 112 million in hidden Swiss accounts

12 February 2020

The widow of a Bordeaux winegrower, a mysterious Luxembourg investment company, a “sophisticated and incomprehensible” financial arrangement and a lawyer with a murky role: this… Lire la suite