ENI/Shell: contents of Geneva suitcase released to Italy and the Netherlands

27 September 2019

A breakthrough for the authorities in Milan prosecuting the ENI/Shell case: the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland has just authorised the handover to Italy of the contents of a suitcase belonging to Nigerian middleman Emeka Obi.… Lire la suite

Credit Suisse admits responsibility in “Cocaine King” scandal

13 September 2019

In July, Gotham City revealed that Credit Suisse was implicated in a sprawling investigation involving the former Bulgarian “Cocaine King” Evelin Banev. A recent decision by the Federal Criminal… Lire la suite

Austria turns its attention to a Swiss company in Romanian bribery scandal

6 September 2019

A new development in the corruption scandal that has shaken Romania involving a contract for the renovation of a section of the Bucharest-Constanta railway line. According to… Lire la suite

Swiss attorney general’s office points Brazil to Marcelo Odebrecht’s brother-in-law

29 August 2019

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Brazil announced several raids and arrests on August 21 as part of the 63rd phase of corruption probe Lavo Jato.… Lire la suite

Walter Faria snared by his Swiss accounts

22 August 2019

Brazil’s Lavo Jato (Operation Car Wash) investigation has claimed another success with the arrest of Walter Faria, CEO of the country’s second largest brewing company, Petropolis Group. Faria is… Lire la suite

Jean-Claude Bastos settlement sees Quantum return two billion to Angola

16 August 2019

Quantum Global companies are required to return two billion dollars to the sovereign fund of Angola, the FSDEA, in return for the Angolan authorities dropping… Lire la suite

Swiss Bombardier accounts targeted by Swedish authorities

19 July 2019

Swiss banks have been implicated in the sprawling bribery and money laundering scandal surrounding Canadian manufacturing giant Bombardier and a lucrative contract in Azerbaijan. The banks’ involvement… Lire la suite

Gunvor: nominee to face lesser charges in Swiss court

12 July 2019

One year after the conviction of a former Gunvor Group trader for corruption in Congo-Brazzaville and Ivory Coast, the Federal Criminal Court is about to try another… Lire la suite